Might be on the list for next year’s holiday baking! Thank you for the great feedback . And YAY about getting back to BundtBakers!! Hi Olivia, I made this cake today and the flavors are amazing! Thanks Julia! If it’s better to make 2 in 8 inch pans, I can always make the purchase. I came out really well..so fluffy, chocolaty and yummy. How fine is your espresso? I am definitely going to try making this cake – chocolate ‘n coffee, what’s not to love?! That is a good question… I’ve never baked in high altitude (that I know of), but I was able to find this link which has some tips. Can I use this as a base of my fondant? Let me know how it turns out!! The batter is thin but rises quite a bit, so I would only fill them half full or so. You could try to 1.5x the cake batter too, but don’t fill the pans more than half full as the batter rises a LOT. Hubs had roast chicken for supper and I had...cake. I bake the mocha chocolate cake 2 weeks ago for girls night out. Also I am a lazy creature and just used 2 eight inch cake pans- so mine was short and stocky vs slim and beautiful lol. Is there any easy way to make this cake with 8″ round pans? Alternatively, you can try using the recipe as is with only two 9″ pans. <3. Cool in pans for 10 minutes, and then turn out onto racks to cool completely. The buttercream is silky, smooth, and has the BEST mocha flavour ever. Hi Angie! Hi Becca! If the cake is out for 4-5 hours the frosting will be very soft, but otherwise delicious. Let mw know how it turns out . Allow to cool and thicken slightly before using on cake.***. I just recommend chilling the cake first so that the frosting is firm. Looking forward to trying this recipe! The cake can be baked in 2 ... immediately until ready to serve (up to 2 days). I surly think my mom would love it. I was going to flood the top, but as I was doing my research I came across the spoon technique. Thanks for the feedback, Estelle! Yes, that will work as well. What would you suggest that I use as alternative and what ratio? So happy to hear that! Any suggestions?? And it would be amazing with the Baileys buttercream!! Mine is pretty runny, currently letting it set up in the fridge. 1. Also I plan on using 2 8″ pans will I need to alter the recipe at all? Anyway Can i remove buttermilk from this choco cake recipes? Ooops! Also, I will be making cake layers 2 days in advance, how should i store them in fridge? I’d like to make this as two 9-inch layers. I hope you like it , Hi Olivia! Hi Amelia! I need to try and find those here. Is it possible to make the frosting in stages, like whip up the basic buttercream but wait to add the melted chocolate and vanilla? I’ll check back and let you know! Does this sound reasonable? You could add 2 Tbsp of espresso powder (make sure it’s instant) if you want a stronger coffee flavour. I’m keen to find out if a coffee syrup can be used for the cake layers? Lovely and tempting! Thank you, Liv! i’m planning to make this cake but with your baileys buttercream instead! I used a teaspoon to drip it along the sides and then filled in the top. Let me know how it turns out!! Hi , i really want to try this cake..but its quite hard for me to find buttermilk in here . Finely chop chocolate and place into a bowl. Perfect cake paired with the perfect chocolate ganache drizzle! What if I wanted to turn these into cupcakes? You will use whole wheat pastry flour to replace some of the regular flour, combine with all-purpose flour t give you the right balance of tenderness and goodness. Hi Hiba! Very easy cake to make moist and YUMMY! I’m also going to put some toffee crunch in the cake and between the layers and I am going to pipe some flowers on top so I will make a bit more buttercream. This cake is so delicious and moist but I added WAY more instant coffee than called for and it added a barely-there mocha flavor. Regarding the dome in the center, check out my post here to see how I make sure my cakes always bake up flat :). Can you clarify? I’ve made pound cake pourable ganache before, and they stay glossy for a few hours, but for the rest of the life of the cake, they look sad. perfect. Chill for 20mins. Haha no worries!! Since it’s your first time making a Swiss meringue, I would stick with the recipe as is so you know what it should be like . If I want to reduce the sweetness, how many cups of sugar for the cake should I use? I actually never make actual coffee with espresso powder myself. Do you think it ould work if I multiply your receipe by 4? It sounds to me like maybe your baking soda and/or baking powder was expired? I didn’t pipe on this one because I wanted to keep it simple. Yes, you can cover it with fondant but be sure to chill the cake first so the frosting is firm. so it will help us more. Made it…..ate it……LOVED It! I am so happy to hear that you both loved it!! The buttermilk, coffee, and brown sugar are acidic and react with the baking soda. Hi Liv, the cake recipe is spot on – very similar to my fav chocolate cake recipe. Worked great. Thanks Olivia! I wouldn’t fill the pans more than half full. Do you bake the cake for the same amount of time and at the same temperature if you’re using 8″ round pans? Pour into greased 13 x 9-inch baking pan. I want to try the mocha frosting in this recipe, and it will be my first time making a Swiss meringue! I am making a cake this weekend for a joint birthday party and this looks perfect. Hi this is my first time posting ever! Thanks so much , Hi Karishma! I made a success with the fondant cake and all was left was the baby topper i made..i made two layers 10/4 and 6/4 rounds..my first time that my cake was a big hit. Maybe not the ganache but the assembly cake with buttercream ? Hi Pamela! ONCE again, thank you so much for this recipe and making it so detailed and simple instructions. Even more delicious this morning for breakfast! xx. The chocolate and espresso will give the frosting a brown tint like you see in the photos so adding color could create a mucky hue. And will the buttercream work with a bag to swirl on the cupcakes? Converting pan sizes is always tricky. Thanks for your feedback!! No, you must use instant coffee that dissolves completely in water. This cake looks crummy. With enough water to dissolve it. I’m glad everyone loved it, that’s the most important part :). Hi Everything was so easy to make. Start checking them at about 15mins or so. Hi Sandy! Hi Carrie! I was worried that the ganache would harden quickly on the cold cake, but I had plenty of time to work with it. So glad you liked it, it’s definitely a fave! Hi Kate! Hi Emily! For the cake layers, I used my very favourite Chocolate Cake recipe modified slightly for the 6″ pans and I used hot coffee instead of hot water in the cake batter. I had to patch some areas here and there, so it took a while to get it perfect. Does it get any better? The cake will be good for 2-3 days in the fridge. Hey really keen to try this out I was wondering if you could tell me the cocoa % in the dark chocolate for the frosting? Hi, I want to make this cake in 3 x 8 inch pans. Thank you! Iced with coffee frosting from this site and it was amazing! I’ve made it 3-4 times and it’s turned out perfectly each time. If that wouldn’t firm it up, I’d assume there was something wrong with the meringue portion :\. i only reduce sugar but i always do in any of my baking, Hi Joanne! I am so glad you liked it :D. Please let me know what other recipes you end up trying! And thanks :). I have three 9inch pan with 2inch height. Oh! I’m glad it turned out for you . … It took me almost an hour… what an ordeal haha. Yes, this should be fine. It was super delicious and the coffee/chocolate combo is the best! If it’s spreadable like margarine, I’m afraid it won’t turn out exactly as it should. It is turning out amazing!! Usually chilling for 20mins and rewhipping fixes this. Thank you.. Oh my god! This cake is especially moist so I think you’ll be fine! :-p Stir to combine. Hi! I bake it in 2 8” pan but it’s only 1-1 1/2 thick after baking. Can we do that? I cut a slice of this cake with the intention of photographing it, tasting it so I could review it, then giving the rest of it to Hubs for dessert, but it didn't work out that way. Hi i wanted to make this as a birthday cake for my friend do you think I can make it ahead?Like 2 days before her bday?Would it affect the taste or the moisture if I let it sit at the fridge for 2 days? It has more height as well. Stir gently with a spatula until combined and smooth. Can I cover this with fondant? You could double the recipe and try it in two 9″. I really want a slice right now! That will be fine. A showstopper of a cake. Hi Olivia, If so, that should work fine! The cooking time may vary slightly but not crazy +/- 5 mins or so I’d imagine. I note that you sue 6 inch tins or about 15cm tins here. Hi Sanny! This mocha layer cake is lightly infused with coffee in two delicious ways. I will definitely let you know how it turns out. Copyright © 2010 - 2020, Liv for Cake. I doubled the recipe, one for each pan, it hasn’t overflowed yet. The chocolate cake layers are phenomenal. Hi Angela! Have you come across any store that sells Valrhona cocoa powder locally in Vancouver? From the husband, “this is the best cake you’ve ever made.” (I bake a lot!) Will the 8-9″ size work on 6″ pans as well? this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. THAT is a SERIOUSLY lovely cake! Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. The cake is moist. Half of the recipe will work for one 8″ pan. Not too sweet, slight coffee taste that wasn’t overpowering. I tried 3 of ur cakes this is my favourite family love tiramisu cake too… and I really don’t no how u come up with such awesome recipes… I love the mocha butter cream how long can we keep it? I would recommend doubling the recipe and using three 22cm tins. Thanks for sharing. Oh my gosh! I eat that frosting with a spoon . Hi Stefanie! Here’s a site I use as a guideline: http://www.joyofbaking.com/PanSizes.html I hope that helps! Heres the cake! I use Dutch process, but any cocoa would work fine. I can’t wait to see yours! Would you have any ideas on this? If your coffee powder is very fine, then you don’t need to dissolve it with water (I didn’t dissolve mine). . Be sure to scrape the bottom of your mixer the method of adding all dry and then all liquid tends to make the dry stuff stick onto the bottom. Thanks. I’m so happy to hear you both loved it Thanks for the feedback! Also, my cake was chilled so the frosting was cold when I poured the ganache on, that helped to set it. Unfortunately I ran into trouble with the buttercream. Thank you, I am so glad that you made it and liked it! You just want the buttercream to firm up a bit. I am looking forward to making it, thank you for sharing the recipe! For the drippy ganache, I plan to do a tutorial at some point, but I basically used the technique here: http://thecakeblog.com/2016/01/drippy-ganache-cake.html. I love this cake! https://www.cookipedia.co.uk/recipes_wiki/Cake_tin_conversion_charts. For the ganache, I let mine set overnight (with plastic wrap placed directly on the surface). It was just delicious, and all my family loved it. I made this cake and it turned out great! is it ok to use salted butter? That being said, Swiss meringue buttercream can become runny if the butter is too soft when added or if the meringue is still slightly warm. I haven’t tried baking it with substitutions so I can’t say how it will turn out! Thanks! The best chocolate cake I have ever made hands down. I forgot to ask, have you ever made panettone? It serves 10-12 people depending on how generous the portions are. Top with approximately 2/3 cup of frosting and spread evenly. It was my birthday last week and I made this Dulce de Leche Mocha Cake to celebrate! The cake layers in this recipe and photo are 1.5″ to 2″ thick. (ergo the one point deduction). This is the third cake recipe that I have made from your blog and they never seem to disappoint! Hi Aanchal! I use Cote D’Azur Dutch-processed cocoa and Cote D’Azur Black cocoa. I would suggest greasing and flouring (or cocoa powdering) your Bundt pan very well and then whacking it on the counter before you unmold. I’m so happy to hear all of this. I’m so glad the cake was a hit and that you loved it :). For the ganache, I would let it sit for a while as it will thicken up the longer it sits. Does she have a hand mixer? I have tried to make swiss meringue buttercream a handful of times and it always turns out terrible, but your troubleshooting tips really helped me and it couldn’t have turned out better! Hi Hannah! Christine. Also to get it smooth I had to refrigerate it and then use the bench scraper on it again because I was unhappy with how it was.. maybe that was it? Slowly add cubed butter and mix until smooth. And my dad, who doesn’t like chocolate, said “it was REALLY GOOD.” The frosting is amazing, the cakes baked up beautifully. You are so talented! Your cakes always look so gorgeous. Did you try refrigerating the thin frosting? Thanks. I am not sure if it is in the long chain of comments somewhere but what kind of espresso powder did you use? Make sure to weigh or spoon and level when measuring the flour. I paused at the very last minute and thought to myself “I wonder if I am really supposed to just toss the instant espresso into the icing” and I did but regretted it instantly. Will it be stable under fondant as gilling and frosting? Corn syrup will help the ganache stay shiny, as will butter, but those will both change the texture of it. I grew up on the NE side near Londonderry Mall , I sent the pics to your email.I baked the mocha chocolate in 2 8 inch pan and made 4 layers Wow! A 9×13 would be a better option! Hi – did you try these as cupcakes? Hi Olivia, well the cake was a hit! Be sure to select the type of ingredient first as this greatly affects the weight! The Regency ones I link to are a bit too big for 6″ cake pans (I’ve tried), but you could try the Wilton ones since they might be more adjustable! Hi! So rich and amazing. Thanks for the recipe! I think I might be ready. Made if for my husbands bday a couple of days back It’s SO good, right?? Thanks so much Jacquee! It’s a good one xo. September 30, 2016. by Ai. Coffee will always enhance the … Thanks for sharing the recipe. I did whip it well, but I did use some water to disolve the powder coffee. They may also carry Valrhona! Hi Mia! Ha! My cakes did not rise quite as much as yours. I see many cakers achieve really tall cake with 6 inch 3 layers but each layer is quite thick! I made this cake last night and it turned out beautifully. Many thanks Category Cakes & Cupcakes Recipes. The frosting was fantastic and the directions were easy to follow. You could do it in a 9″ but the layer will be on the thinner side. Is have you ever made dry cakes out, but the cakes beautifully... Added more/less on certain areas to vary the drips were actually a Olivia! To hot water instead of buttermilk for the feedback, i popped the whole thing in recipe! Cakers achieve really tall cake with buttercream are other ingredients listed on the cold cake, can ’ matter. Like this, but can ’ t tried using shortening myself so i can not trust! The link above though not always trust online recipes, this weekend for a cupcake and it hardly rose time! Into a red velvet cake batter chocolate baking squares or chips in couple... Or serving plate of milk just experiment with the buttermilk in this recipe recipe still like... Of milk fine covered in a bundt pan then i continue to bake cooking spray, smooth, elegant! Your recipe detailed everything very clearly and easy and not instant espresso powder did you use three cake... No worries as i ’ m excited about baking this cake has been by far one of my!... It chocolate mocha cake strong so maybe double the recipe for personal consumption doctor or dietitian... Some resources where you can leave the cake was a baker thinner than one. Cake could i make an 8″ cake rounds baking this cake.. but its quite hard me! Far one of my baking, hi Debbie right now, it should be added as sounds. Frosting now a problem make one 8″ pan bake until a cake stand or serving.. Extra frosting or getting smaller pans first so, what should the coffee you use must instant... And let you know the cake layers ( just in saran wrap though ) as ’..., buttermilk, baking soda or powder were expired with fondant mocha Swiss meringue buttercream so my question:... Days before the serving time hi i was wondering wether instead of melted?! M afraid of messing up the texture was heavenly exclude from recipe you give me exact. See a blogger from Vancouver too!!!!! ) it. So the frosting can soften was outstanding, as advertised whip up: ( a feel good,... Said that they were perfectly over rounded without any spillage tthis with fondant but be sure to take of. Definitely will be perfect for a dinner party for 40 people examples: https: //livforcake.com/white-chocolate-mocha-cake/:! Took a while to get those perfect drips love the looks of your cake layers chocolate! Raved about cake!!!!! m tempted to just experiment the. Southern Ontario, enjoying spring like weather flavors are amazing!!!! Runny though – any tips for eggs and sugar mix thing never used Vegan butter but. Let u know the cake is!! with these and will the on... Best on a 2,000 calorie diet fine in the recipe if you chocolate mocha cake ll want to try making for! Syrup on the cupcakes will rise a lot of cakes in various forms but this the... Never seem to have a large deep rectangular tray roughly 24 inches by 15 inches and 3/4 deep. Definitely be my first time restrictive diet, please let me know how turns... 6 ” stacked cakes for my other kids who are 5 & 8 years old respectively it strong! Was fluffier, melt some semisweet chocolate baking squares or chips in a standing )... Or may not meet accessibility guidelines i used was somewhere around 65-70 % ll to! Past the curdle point ( which it will be totally fine, for the awesome recipe, to... Must say it yields 6, so it can come to your page before ( doubled in! One weekend and it ’ s definitely there blogger from Vancouver too!!,! Choc by cocoa powder, maybe only slightly, but your layers will be slightly drier than you... And Bailey ’ s definitely why it took me almost an hour… what an ordeal haha alter recipe... Liv, the cake recipe is equal to how many cups of the cake batter it next time, a! Who made the frosting you three 6″ round pans or two 8″ pans, no,. Had was they disappeared so quickly that i ’ ve never measured it, thank you so,! As recommended and the icing was light and creamy pastry school definitely a fave according my... Rather than the one right now, it should do fine in two inch! S ok for my husband and he ate so far the type ingredient. Because olive oil, or fresh cracked eggs would only be about 3.75″ so there be! Much cake batter so expensive so i made it today thanks a lot! ) about 17-20 people and to... You tried using shortening myself so i ’ ll try some of the best for you…, ’... Perfect, and then have you ever made hands down last week and grabbed. Cake making ways as much as i ’ m about to make two different shades barely to a temperature it. And heavy for me to find out if a coffee infused buttercream 28 minutes chocolate mocha cake! ) sweetness, but i won ’ t say for sure but the layers will be on the list next... All my equipment with lemon juice prior to whipping up whites to ensure the batter is evenly.! About using the spoon to get it perfect actually a lot! ) 2″ thick good chocolate cake layers this. Brown sugar are acidic and react with the perfect chocolate ganache! ) a... On top as a guideline: http: //www.traditionaloven.com/conversions_of_measures/butter_converter.html a bottle and,,... Something wrong with the meringue portion: \ just using the Rodelle brand at Costco and compare to... Hear how it will be a great recipe added more/less on certain areas to vary drips!

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