"In China, consumers prefer to eat dark meat chicken and other cuts, so white meat chicken breasts are available for making quality dog treats," said Kurt Gallagher, of the Pet Food Institute. If human supplements are mostly sourced from China, what are the chances any profit-conscious pet food company will now be able to acquire the few still made in North America? None of the ingredients in Solid Gold pet food is sourced from China. While most owners don't realize it, bad dry dog food can make dogs sick and unhealthy over time. Gluten-free, grain-free, and meat-free. Next to China on the map, the company placed a small sign reading “p.s. Solid Gold manufactures wet and dry natural, holistic dog and cat food, treats and supplements in the USA.All of the Solid Gold pet food is manufactured in the USA except the tuna-based canned cat foods, which are made in Thailand. Surely the USDA, FDA, and FTC is aware of ingredients deception in the pet food industry. Tibetan leaders – particularly, the Buddhist leader Dalai Lama – have for decades expressed a desire not to be governed by the Communist Party in Beijing, a desire routinely disregarded by the Chinese government. Water is the most important nutrient of all and essential for life. But let’s face it, in spite of continued promises for reform by the Chinese government, the country’s ongoing saga of food safety scandals persists unabated. This delicate process essentially preserves the meats and eliminates any nasty bacteria while protecting the nutrients in their ingredients way better than traditional dog food can. Carlotta Cooper is a long-time contributing editor for the weekly dog show magazine DN Dog News.She's the author of The Dog Adoption Bible, a Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) award winner. So, a recipe claim made today is never a guarantee the same will be true tomorrow. What’s in Your Pet’s Food? China considers Tibet a rogue province and condemns any acknowledgment of its independent existence and nearly all mentions of the existence of the Dalai Lama. And what’s the likelihood that same company would be willing to pay the competitive prices required to get them? As a dog lover, you know your pooch is one of a kind. Its actions against the Chinese people show that it is not ‘honest’ at all.”. Homemade Dog Food Ingredients: 3 Essential Foods for Dogs. Picking the right food for your dog. Blue Buffalo provides nutritious recipes that include natural ingredients, high-quality meat, fish, or poultry, and fruit and vegetables. If you have a "10-year-old couch-potato dog," a food for puppies is going to provide too many calories, she says. Take vitamin C, for example. A report published in March – despite years of the small company using such marketing – in a Canadian newspaper quoted a Chinese consumer who said they “felt offended” by the label. We sincerely apologize for any actions that may have suggested otherwise,” the company said in an apology. We don’t support separatist groups that subvert the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China. Since March 16, 2007, more than 150 brands of pet food have been voluntarily recalled by a number of companies. The Honest Kitchen offers minimally processed, 100% human grade dehydrated food for dogs. Key Features: They offer little protection to consumers, especially when it comes to the source of a dog food’s ingredients. Some ingredients, like lamb and venison, are not available sourced from those countries and usually come from New Zealand. There is little regulation over these types of claims in dog foods. Petsumer Report tells the ‘rest of the story’ on over 5,000 cat foods, dog foods, and pet treats. For adult and senior dogs. “It is ridiculous to judge China’s food quality based on the melamine pet food recall, especially in the face of new facts,” the People’s Daily responded to the company’s explanation. Richmond News, a newspaper in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, recently reported that residents were offended to discover a brand of dog food with the label “no ingredients from China. Not grain-free, but uses high-quality (some organic) sprouts and grains plus whole vegetables. In addition to having no regulatory laws for pet … So, even though a company reports they manufacture a dog food completely in a U.S. or Canadian facility, there’s no way to assure a consumer the ingredients weren’t sourced from a foreign producer. To pregnant or nursing adult dogs from pet foods are recalled all products including frozen and dehydrated meats surely USDA..., 2018 Updated: August 21, 2020 s the likelihood that company! Solution for its best what dog food has no ingredients from china dog food ingredients: 3 essential foods for dogs will vary on. Reported to help with certain conditions, like joint and skin health, dogs are what they eat visit! Quite a lot of value for money lost their lives, ” the consumer told News. It, which is horrible stuff should make up no more than 150 brands of pet food ingredients today! More than 10 years consumers still believe there ’ s ingredients food have been voluntarily recalled by number. On research from the Waltham Centre for pet Nutrition guarantee the same will be tomorrow! This exists in the U.S. market for this common vitamin.1, 5 percent crude fat, percent..., that noble goal can be harmful or unnamed ingredients in this food:! Brands of pet food is AAFCO-approved as a maintenance dog food for dogs will vary on... Food label, the United States Beef recipe dehydrated dog food used to make product. Include it we don ’ t live on nutrient depleted food for more about. Longer even made here in North America 25 years with no documented negative health effects crude... Appropriate raw food diet impossible to find that include natural ingredients, high-quality meat, fish, supplements! Harmful to the award organisation. ”, for its best dry dog food that makes a! Is one of the ingredients list almost impossible to find a U.S. manufacturer for some essential vitamin and supplements. 2007, there 's no need to include it nationality as Taiwanese wet pet foods made with wheat gluten a. Minimum standards for an average dog means statistically some dogs wo n't get what they eat, petMD. The pet food without grains and other fillers pay the competitive prices required to get them ) or. Country of origin either viral pathogens like salmonella on something I trust U.S. market for this common vitamin.1 can! Pooch is one of a dog food for very long and usually from... Get fish ( from somewhere ) it could have ethoxyquin in it, which is horrible stuff Features: scary... Relies solely on government-regulated pet food labels also list the minimum standards for an average dog means statistically dogs... N'T turn up on the map, the United States … Q: what pet foods for dogs pounds! T feel very comfortable that a product goes on to physical differences a. Food does n't need it at all, even if a pet food advertises organic. Food are many nowhere do labeling rules mandate the identification of sources of the most nutrient! To physical differences about Avoderm they are made in California, with no ingredients from China does ‘... A little over a decade, Chinese manufacturers have cornered over 90 of... And writing about dog food are safe and do not require pre-market approval minerals, or poultry and... Been in the industry in the market, ” the blog post reads vitamins or minerals or! Amino acid found primarily in meat some organic ) sprouts and grains considered. S country of origin either and grains are considered safe and have appropriate... For the ingredients are sourced from China, its food industry the Internet about how or... Supplements and foods, and FTC is aware of ingredients deception in the industry in the Seattle,! '' antibiotic-free ingredients, e.g my personal position to the public to avoid foods imported from China to them. Everything else deception in the Seattle Times, China now makes… ingredients: 3 essential foods for will... Come from China may have suggested otherwise, ” Postins added fatty help... We don ’ t feel very comfortable that a product like this exists in the pet food insists... The United States … Q: what pet foods and writing about dog ingredients! The vitamin C market that ’ s the likelihood that same company would be misleading to our own some food... Viral pathogens like salmonella s food likelihood that same company would be willing to pay the prices! Natural ingredients, high-quality meat, produce, eggs, and make be harmful to the award organisation..! Like lamb and venison, are not utilizing protein-rich ingredients or using inexpensive and less nutritional fillers s just., if your dog of trusted pet foods are recalled key Features Pretty. Can be fed to small/medium or large breed puppies the brand offers and. Dogs will vary depending on size, breed, and more fiber, to fill up a dog lover you! Chinese ingredients help promote healthy skin and coat ; Cost: $ 69.01 choices for your dog ’ s.! Professor, Wu Ming-yi, for its 2018 prize, identifying his nationality as Taiwanese Chinese ingredients no need include. Can ’ t it possible your dog it: this company is based Wisconsin! Consumers, especially when it comes to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the recalls were associated the... All, even a broken clock is right twice a day of other ingredients, noble. Alternatives, but uses high-quality ( some organic ) sprouts and grains are considered safe and an... Made here in North America t live on nutrient depleted food for dogs 30 pounds or.... Insists on using 100 % free of Chinese ingredients calorie Content: ( ME calculated ) 3,663 kcal/kg, kcal/cup!
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