A high-performing and knowledge-based workforce. Since then, SCC has created an internal Gender and Standards Working Group to ensure gender is a consideration in SCC’s standardization policies and to increase awareness in the workplace. Canada must be first out of the gate in producing and commercializing new products, services and business models to advance its position in the global innovation race. Finding innovative ways to adapt is crucial, especially if we are to reduce the effects of climate change on our aging infrastructure. Read the full message or download the annual report. The rate among males was more than six times the rate among females (297.1 vs. 46.0). London W1H 2AG, +44 (0)20 7224 8001 That is why SCC is forging stronger relationships with Regulatory Authority Advisory Bodies to ensure that standards, conformity assessment procedures and other regulatory tools are up-to-date and aligned across the country. @biostays Missing Annual Report for 2018 draws the curtain on the progress that has been made in health security in Nigeria, in the first administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. The Annual Report is now on its way to the members of the Chamber. Our accomplishments were made possible through collaboration, by building strong relationships, and bringing together diverse groups and perspectives to develop strategies that are inclusive. At SCC, where over 50 per cent of all employees are women, we take pride in empowering women to seize opportunities to participate and lead in standardization, including through international standards development. The Annual Report is now on its way to the members of the Chamber. All National Standards of Canada (NSCs) provide assurance to network users that they have been developed following the SCC prescribed process which ensures inclusion of a balanced committee of stakeholders, follows international best practices, promotes international harmonization, and meets Canada’s needs. In 2018–2019, SCC’s total revenue (excluding federal government funding) was $11.0 million, which was 5 per cent higher than the $10.5 million recorded during 2017–2018. はじめに 九州大学大学院理学研究院化学部門の2018 年度の教育・研究活動 年次報告 書をお届けします。 インターネットの普及に伴い、今年度から紙媒体での発行をやめ、化学科ホ ームページでの掲載としました。既に物理学部門や地球惑星科学部門では 様 Engaging and empowering new and long-time members continued to be a key priority for SCC in 2018-19. As the leader of Canada’s standardization network, SCC continues to innovate and improve its processes to provide value to Canada. SCC ANNUAL REPORT 2017-2018 5 Back left to right: Rod Cooke, Warren Bell, David Brooks-Horn, James Shevlin. 2019 Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2017 Annual Report 2016 Annual Report 2015 Annual Report Statistical Information The table below contains SWANSEA CARERS CENTRE REPORT AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2018 CONTENTS PAGE Directors Report (inc Trustees Annual Report) Report of the Auditors Statement of Financial Activities Balance Sheet Notes to the Financial Statements Canada is among one of the first countries to quantify the participation of women on SCC’s ISO/IEC mirror committees. SCC report Abstract The Statewide Coordinating Council for Public Health (SCC), established under Title 5 section 12004 -G, subsection 14-G is required under Title 22 section 412, subsection 6-F, to report annually to the JointPublic I believe that these measures are firmly in step with the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, which paved the way for the Secretary of State’s Code. info@scc.org.uk. These included 24 chair positions and 152 conveners. Supporting gender equality in standardization The Commission’s 2018 Annual Report to Congress covers a range of topics including the U.S.-China economic and security relationship, China’s global engagement, foreign policy, and high-tech development. Additionally, in 2018-19, Canada held the secretariat for 17 international technical committees including ISO/TC 176 which is responsible for quality management systems and ISO/TC 207 responsible for environmental management systems. Harnessing standardization for trade growth within Canada. SABAN COMMUNITY CLINIC | 2017 ANNUAL REPORT | 7 1 4 2 3 “I love taking my family to the Clinic to meet the patients. ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019 2 Saskatoon Counity Clinic • nnual eport 20182019 The Board of Directors is pleased to submit its annual report to our member-ship. Through SCC accreditation, bodies such as testing laboratories, certification, validation and inspection can obtain independent third-party validation for themselves and for their customers. International leadership is a key strategic objective of SCC, and working within international standards bodies ensures Canada’s voice is heard. Every year, flooding alone causes millions of dollars in property damage. Sweden House, 5 Upper Montagu Street In November, SCC attended the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Working Party 6 on the gender responsive standards initiative. ANNUAL REPORT 2017-2018 2 MISSION Stanly Community College values students, effective teaching, partnerships, and life-long learning. Helen Emmerson assumed the role of CEO at a very challenging time for the entire industry. In 2018-19, SCC accredited the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials and the CIO Strategy Council, bringing to 11 the total number of SDOs that can develop, publish and maintain NSCs. 6.0 Interpretation of the 2017-2018 Statistical Report 6.1 Requests Processed Under the Access to Information Act In 2017-2018, CSC received 474 ATIA requests, which At the end of fiscal 2018-19, Canadians held 193 leadership positions within international technical committees. In 2018, people ages 45 to 64 years had the highest rate of HIV (348.7 per 100,000 people) of any age group, and twice the overall HIV rate (174.7) in the county. In 2018-19, accreditation programs were provided or expanded related to energy management systems (ISO 50001), occupational health and safety management systems (ISO 45001), and cannabis testing under ISO/IEC 17025 for testing and calibration laboratories. SCC supported the Permanent Mission of Canada in Geneva by addressing the Working Party, and outlined our commitment to developing a strategy to improve gender balance and gender expertise in Canada’s standardization network. There has also been significant progress on our North Turramurra redevelopment due for completion in 2019. 2018-2019 2017-2018 2016-2017 2015-2016 2014-2015 2013-2014 2012-2013 2011-2012 Supplementary Data on Budget 2012 Implementation Reports on Annual Expenditures for Travel, Hospitality, and Conferences: March 31 We realized our goals with strong support from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, our Council and the dedication of our staff and our partners in Canada’s standardization network. Currently, women account for approximately 25 per cent of ISO mirror committee participants, and 9 per cent for IEC, even though they account for 47 per cent of Canada’s working population. In 2018-19, we continued to spearhead climate resilience initiatives through our Standards to Support Resilience in Infrastructure Program under Canada’s Adapting to Climate Change objective in support of the Pan Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. Learning the numbers is a key first step to developing plans to better include women in standards development. Southern Cross Care Queensland is pleased to present its 2018-19 Annual Report, a year in which we have been presented with many challenges and celebrated a number of significant milestones. These bodies are technical advisory committees consisting of regulators from various provincial and territorial governmental organizations. Although it may be easy for most Canadians to travel across provincial and territorial borders, that’s not the case with many goods and workers. This program ensures that women, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities and visible minorities are equitably represented at all levels within our workforce. Those participants are also leaders. And as our climate continues to change, the risks and the costs associated with it are only expected to rise. Annual Reports The Clerk's Information System (CIS) allows Virginia businesses to submit Annual Reports online, with just a few clicks. As well, SCC delivered on its commitment to ensure all employees are treated fairly within our organization and moved to implement an employment equity program. SCC looks forward to all stakeholders being able to consider the report and recommendations of the Royal Commission. Standardization strategies for Canada’s superclustersBuilding on the engagement strategy SCC developed last year, we continue to support Canada’s Innovation Superclusters Initiative . As part of this program, SCC is providing a solid foundation for climate adaptation with the creation of standardization strategies that help ensure building codes, guidelines and standards are updated to protect infrastructure. The increase from last year was primarily due to an increase of $0.5 million in royalty revenues from the sale of standards and an increase of $0.1 million in Other Income. The SCC Annual Report 2018 was published at the 112th Annual General Meeting on 5 June. For public health safety, in-person visits to SCC offices are suspended. The Director’s present their Annual Report for the Year Ended 31 March 2019 for SCC EMEA group comprising SCC EMEA limited and it’s subsidiary undertakings 2019 … Developing standards relies heavily on the hard work of expert volunteers from around the world, and Canada’s experts are being heard. Helping to achieve the goal of having one standard and one test across Canada will move us toward freer trade in Canada. The SCC Annual Report 2018 was published at the 112th Annual General Meeting on 5 June. Front left to right: David Button, Peter Fay, John Devine, Deborah Hutchens, Ian Longbottom. Opening Statement of Chairman Robin Cleveland Opening Statement of Vice Chairman Carolyn Bartholomew SCC’s ability to deliver value to Canada depends on attracting and retaining the best and the brightest. Ensuring the sustainability of Canada’s standardization network is also dependant on engaging and retaining the next generation of members. Our talent management strategy also includes succession planning to identify and develop the next generation of leaders so we continue to have a team of the best people going forward. Investing in staff at all levels of the organization ensures everyone has the skills they need to help us deliver on our ambitious goals. 2018 Annual Security Report Posted: September 26, 2019 While there are no formal, written agreements with local law enforcement agencies in West Burlington, Burlington, Keokuk and Mt. By increasing the number of SCC-accredited SDOs in Canada, we are better able to offer more standardization options to help increase trade, reduce barriers for business and support economic growth. Annual Report for 2018-19. Innovation drives economies, and in today’s global marketplace, it is a significant path to a country’s economic growth and prosperity. SCC 2018 Annual Report 1 May 2019 Vision Statement The vision statement of NT Christian Schools is: ‘We desire to be a Christian community, learning together to … Santa Clara County Annual Report 2018 3 The 2018-19 Assessor’s Annual Report details San-ta Clara County’s longest post-recession recovery, which is well into the eighth year since the height of the Great Recession in 7.34 Maintaining and fostering an energized standardization network rests in large part on supporting and attracting the best and brightest experts to participate in standardization development. At the technical committee table The forces that drive these innovations are increasingly fueled by standardization. Sometimes, different requirements and regulations are needed, but they can cause technical barriers to trade, creating unnecessary red tape for businesses. 8 Annual Report 2018 In partnership with parents, Strathalbyn Christian College aims to make known the Lordship of Jesus Christ through excellence in education to equip students for works of service NAPLAN TESTING (YEARS 3, 5, 7AND 9) Our curriculum improvement plan, developed at the College, continues to have an impact on student learning. COVID-19 Procedures: All business with the Commission should be through electronic filing systems, email, or by telephone. By working to align standards and regulatory requirements, SCC is supporting regulatory reconciliation —the process of aligning existing regulations across the country. A first of their kind in Canada, the superclusters are designed to support business-led innovation in key sectors that have the greatest potential to spur economic growth. That is why SCC works diligently to build standardization into the development of new ideas, breakthroughs and technologies. Southern Cross Care (NSW & ACT) | Annual Report 2017-2018 7to meet the needs of the region’s ageing population. This year, Canada had participating status on 415 international technical committees and observing status on another 50. In 2018–2019, SCC’s total revenue (excluding federal government funding) was $11.0 million, which was 5 per cent higher than the $10.5 million recorded during 2017–2018. Agile and responsive to changing landscapes in regulated sectorsIn Canada’s national standardization network, a National Standard of Canada is a voluntary consensus-based standard published by an SCC-accredited standards development organization and approved by SCC. Since the last Annual Report we have Differences in certification and testing requirements between Canadian jurisdictions have prevented products, tradespeople and professionals from moving freely between Canadian provinces and territories. In AVA Stories SCC continues to build on its successes as it grows the number of Canadian innovators it assists by providing custom standardization strategies that help them thrive in the global marketplace. They work to ensure consistency among jurisdictions regarding regulations, standards, Other Recognized Documents (ORDs), and conformity assessment procedures for the sale, purchase, safety, performance, use or application of consumer or industrial products. Pleasant, SCC will support and cooperate with these agencies regarding the Ridestore Hästens Beds, © 2020 Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK.
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