You can adjust the "balance" as between file and folder/sub-folder names. I was trying to install the Combined Community Codec Pack and when I did it said: "Setup has detected that short name generation is disabled on NTFS drives. I verified that short name generation is enabled with fsutil behavior query disable8dot3 C: which tells me that the system wide setting is 2 (per volume) and the local value is 0 (create 8dot3 names). Now you have to copy and paste that text from the Command Prompt. Rename the existing folder ":\Program Files (x86)". System Administrators can turn this off on the system drive as well, so the issue may still be present.However, it is NOT typically enabled on non-system drive(s) and this presents a problem when installations are performed to alternate (non-system) drives. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. On my Windows 95, this types out the complete short path and filename. ===== All of this can be a nuisance to the user. Click on the System menu (the top-left icon) and choose Edit, Mark. Moving users folder on Windows 7 to another partition, bad idea? If you need this "feature" you can either enabled it globally on a system or on a per volumes basis. Open the folder of the file you want the short name for. I have huge problem and need your help. Thursday, November 16, 2017 9:51 AM. Short path names are required for successful code generation, therefore it may not be possible to successfully complete the code generation process. Parameter Description; query []: Queries the file system for the state of the 8dot3 short name creation behavior. I am aware of the commands like fsutil.exe behavior set disable8dot3 0 and registry keys like NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation, however these will only give short names to files & directories created after the command is run and then rebooted. I have a problem with windows windows shortnames. Open a Command Prompt. It would be best to change the script to use long file- and folder-names. To Program Files (x86).old - If you are unable to rename this folder as files are in use. Note By default, the value for this entry is set to 0. I wrote short PowerShell script for adding necessary symbols. If a file or directory has a long name, it can be tedious to type in a short filename for each one of these. The only way i know how Windows is going to re-generate the short-name is to copy the directory and delete the original. “Name” attribute from the or elements. Check the current state D:\\> fsutil.exe 8dot3name query The registry state is: 2 (Per volume setting - the default). What does Compile[] do to make code run so much faster? Whether the amount of data written during that single IO is increased by 12 bytes (the length of an 8.3 file name) simply does not matter. Are SpaceX Falcon rocket boosters significantly cheaper to operate than traditional expendable boosters? Click on the System menu (the top-left icon) and choose Edit, Mark. Related ArticlesMicrosoft Technet: Fsutil 8dot3nameTroubleshooting Plant Applications Report Server ParametersReport Server Installation Missing Parameters or Creates Additional Entries,