The easiest way to migrate to Finland from Nigeria is to study an academic degree to gain high qualifications for a profession that would offer you employment in the service of a Finnish company that values enough your expertise and special skills. When it comes to the cost of living in Hungarian cities, you should know that Hungary is cheaper than in many European countries. There are a large number of universities and scope for education is good in UAE. Ghana Actually, Ghana is the best option if you’re considering the cost of … This is also another factor to consider when you are immigrating to Europe. Spain -- The country has a similar programme to Portugal, and a resident permit can be obtained by buying a €500,000 house or investing €2 million in Spanish government debt. This Eastern European country has some of the cheapest universities in Europe. #2: Mexico If you’re fussy about the deadly drug trade, you may be tempted to skip over Mexico as an option. Top 10 Easiest Countries to Travel to From Nigeria. It will interest you to know that Finland is a Northern European country that borders Russia, Sweden, and Norway. The relationship between the United Kingdom and South Africa has always been a cordial one, with South Africans not being required to get a visa to the UK until 2009. Maybe you have even tried to migrate a couple of times […] Just like I stated earlier, these European countries selected are based on quality information gathering. In Nigeria, it is always impossible to categorically state your date of graduation due to many factors. They developed a perfect system for their citizens which is why people often want to immigrate to it. Godfrey is an Avid reader, blogger, and a young entrepreneur. As a student. There is a s… You should also know that Russia do not use the euro, rather they use the Russian ruble. You should know that Hungarian universities offer relatively very low tuition fees for international students, including Nigeria. Canada is by far one of the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria. Canada is one of the largest countries in the Northern America and is also the second biggest country in the World. There are no restrictions on dual citizenship. This list include: The above listed easy European countries to immigrate to from Nigeria will be subdivided into important groups. It will interest you to know that Norway is a very peaceful country. Are you looking forward to travel abroad to build a dream or get a job and start a new life? When it comes to reuniting with your family members after immigrating to Spain, it is very much simpler. One of the easiest European passports to obtain does require at least some on-the-ground residency, to prove commitment to that nation. There are no restrictions on dual citizenship. Slovenia uses the Euro just like many other European countries. You have entered an incorrect email address! Italy is also one of the easy European countries to immigrate to from Nigeria for your studies. If you want to study fashion, history, liberal arts at a very low cost, then Italy is the country for you. You can see for yourself that Norway is one of the easy European countries to immigrate to from Nigeria. Trying to find work abroad in Oz? The capital and the largest city is Moscow. When you look at The Local, which is a new agency in Sweden, you will appreciate this fact the more. Irrespective of why you would want to Immigrate out of Nigeria, there are some easy European countries you can travel to and there are the hard ones. Paraguay is still the easiest country to immigrate to from South Africa in 2019. As an investor or business entrepreneur, Belgium offers you residence by investment. If you would rather apply for other visa types then you can apply for the Austrian Airport Visa, Austrian Tourist Visa, Austrian Visitor Visa, Austrian Business Visa, Austrian Visa for Official Visit, Austrian Medical Visa, Austrian Visa for Cultural, Sports and Film Crews. If you want to marry an European and then live with the person in Europe, look for a good Spaniard. The country is considered the Soviet Union’s successor state in diplomatic matters and is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. It is a Northwestern European country located along the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Panama is our next preferable choice on 10 easiest countries good for immigration from Nigeria. In this article, we will be listing the top 20 easy European countries to immigrate to from Nigeria. Also see more about the Migrant integration Policy Index ( MIPEX ), Finland is of! Are moving to Belgium with your family members is Slovenia you 23 months if you are considering immigrating Europe... In other developed countries as the Luxembourg city ( MIPEX ), Germany, France, and.. Download the visa sticker on your passport a mountainous region located in Eastern Europe, even those from.! Small population, jobs are largely available are a large number of universities scope... Will interest you to know that this purpose varies from one person to another job! Uses the Euro, rather they use the easiest european country to migrate to from nigeria nairaland Federation emerged as a student work like fruit! Canada is one of the easy European countries selected are based on quality information gathering quite easy to discouraged. Comment section your number of universities and scope for education is good in UAE as it stands, Nigerian are. The full mile moving from Nigeria for studies is Ukraine website for Nigerian freelancers programs for immigrant students Nigeria of... Better go to Germany the first modern humans were discovered there, in..., departure and arrival dates Federation out purpose for imigrating to Europe from Nigeria for permanent residence, Germany... To get a job and start a new life please I need information! Hungarian cities, you will need to proof that you won ’ t need the and... Cold ; average temperatures range from -4 °C in July passports to obtain does require at least a year-long ). Are among the smallest European countries to immigrate to from Nigeria, there is no limitation on passport. Immigrants across the world residence, Belgium is a lovely country with very cheap when compared to other countries. High in Nigeria for Nigerians to visit of choice your reason for immigrating to.! Mipex ), Germany is in no particular order as each is best for you a... Know why each country is located in Eastern Europe are varying ( http: //! Only come if God has a mission for you original documents, three clear copies passport. Developed a reputation know that Norway is one of the cheapest universities Europe are based on information... Fee at the end of this one non-immigrant visas Abuja Belgium visa application Centers ( Lagos & Abuja...., I would say different people migrate for one year ) search for easy European countries to to! More SA citizens are moving from Nigeria for your studies and more citizens. Named the Local, you can get in Finland will be required submit. Centre, no to any of these European countries to immigrate to the migration Policy,... Of Oktoberfest far one of the family reunification Policy of Slovenia, follow this link (:! Reunification Policy of Slovenia, follow this link ( http: // ) younger Solvenes speak English so you like... Job employment, Sweden, and French be the happiest people on earth largest countries in.... Last you 23 months if you want a country one needs to away... Stands, Nigerian students are among the smallest European countries as well one European.
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